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Liabilities to Your Home Value

By Matea Shosho

Obviously if you are selling you want to get the most out of your property. Here are some things that could prevent your house from selling more:

  • A floor plan that's full of small rooms and bathrooms, and rooms inconveniently located will lower your selling price. No one wants to go walk to a bathroom through the bedroom.
  • Be careful with the interior: make sure that the house is not overly personalized. Buyers want to see the property mostly in natural colors, and will shy away things like bright walls. Also very important is that the appliances are working and relatively new.
  • Don't forget the roof, and any possible environmental hazards.
  • Having a pool will greatly deteriorate your home value. Many potential buyers are not interested in having a pool because maintaining is expensive. The people who want one, are likely to get their own. Unless you have a pool already, don't bother building one.
  • A major issue to think about is that of a garage. Most people want for a two car garage. Not having one at all, or having one that fits only one car will deteriorate further the value.
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