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Interview with Aadil Nathoo of AmeriPlus Financial

Q/ Your business is a mortgage lender focused on servicing the region surrounding Canton, MI. What specific services do these you provide?

A/ On our site, people can apply for a mortgage, read about industry news, learn about the mortgage basics, request a free home valuation, and learn about Ameriplus Financial and the process to financing a home.

Q/ How long have you been involved in the Real Estate industry, and what kind of experience do you bring to support your guide?

A/ The average experience in our office is 14 years for each loan officer. A couple of them have Real Estate licenses. We can truly say we are experts in almost every facet of the mortgage lending experience and we try and execute every mortgage that should be done.

Q/ What specific characteristics of the Michigan market should homebuyers be aware of? What sets this market apart from other regions?

A/ We are in a declining market and our home supply is economy tied to the success and failure of the automotive sales and manufacturing climate. It truly is the best time we will see in our life span to buy a home.

Q/ Given the current economic climate, what changes have you seen in the market, and what advice would you give homebuyers based on this?

A/ I would advise people to buy in this market. It costs more to build or rebuild a home than it does to buy at this point.

Q/ What do you forecast the next 5 years to be like with respect to the real estate market? How about longer term?

A/ For the next 5 years we expect the market to be extremely flat and then we will start to see an increase in home values.

Q/ Do you have any recommendations directed specifically towards the first time homebuyer?

A/ Take your time and save your money. The new rules on lending have made it impossible for a lender like us to just help you with your closing costs and absorb any higher cost that was unanticipated or was not disclosed to us when the application was first received. If you are buying a home $120K or less, you will need access to $4,000 to $6,000 by the time you are finished with every third part involved when buying your home.

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