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Your New Construction Home Inspection: An Interview with Larry Messner of Messner Home Inspections, LLC

By Larry Messner

Tell us a little about your company and the services you offer.

I offer 13 years of experience as a home inspector. I am a Certified Residential Inspector with the National Association of Home Inspectors and a Certified Inspector with The American Society of Home Inspectors. My knowledge and experience will guide prospective buyers to make a truly informed decision about the largest investment they will ever make. Services such as radon & asbestos testing as well as termite inspections are referred to companies that specialize in these areas.

What is different about a home inspection for a new construction property?

One would think a new house would have no issues and would not need an inspection. The surprising answer is that often new homes have more issues than older homes. I saw a home selling for over a million dollars with no felt on the roof, under the shingles. Another, at half a million with no primer under painted walls, already peeling. One house, about 4000 sq. ft. had wood flooring ending an inch from base molding in (1) room, showing plywood subflooring. My point is the General contractor has to watch his subs closely to assure no short cuts are made, because they often are.

When should new construction inspections be done?

New construction is inspected by City inspectors prior to Certificate of Occupancy. All that I have mentioned previously should have been caught but wasn't. It is crucial that the potential buyer have a house inspection performed to catch short comings from the builder.

What are some of the most common defects or problems you've found in new construction homes in your area?

Service panels often are not correctly grounded. I often see mismatched circuits and double taps in service panel. One house had a brand new roof but no cap shingles. I could see into attic from peak of roof. A LOT of houses I see have no primer under interior paint.

What happens if last-minute items haven't been fixed/completed during the inspection?

I often will do a "walk through" prior to closing to check if deficiencies in inspection report have been corrected. If they haven't, it is up to the buyer and the realtor to talk to the builder. If the builder isn't motivated to fix problems, the buyer can walk.

What advice would you give to people getting a new construction home inspected?

If your looking for a defect free home and think you'll find one by buying new, your mistaken. I have never inspected the perfect home. New or used, there is always something that needs repair or improvement.

What's the best way for people to contact you and/or your company?

Office: (248) 399 9750
Cell: (248) 709 9489
Email: messnerhomeinspections@gmail.com
Website: www.messnerhomeinspections.com

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