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Why Hire an Interior Painter: An Interview with Mike Jackson of Quality Painting Systems

By Mike Jackson

Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

Quality Painting Systems provides a positive customer experience by putting the customer"s concerns and desires 1st. As a contractor we feel that performing the service is just a part of the process. Asking questions and providing a detailed scope of work within the project's proposal puts all parties on the same page. We make sure the customer knows exactly what services to expect for a committed all in one price. Taking the time in the beginning to properly evaluate a project is not always easy; and is, at times a lengthy process eating up valuable resources. We now think of this process as more of an investment in customer overall satisfaction.

We are founded on the use of technology, utilizing a custom electronic estimating system that not only allows us to properly propose a project, but offer the best coating products for the application. Our electronic system tracks not only customer's project details, but also their concerns, desires and values along with color selections.

What are some of the services your company provides?

Interior and exterior residential and commercial coatings applications including any required preparation, protection and clean up.

What are some benefits of hiring an interior painter over attempting to do it yourself?

Hiring a professional and reputable painting contractor offers endless benefits. Each customer may differ in what's most important to them.

Some of the most common are:
Over all look of the wall paint coating consistency.
Proper cut or color intersect lines.
Proper preparation or repair of wall flaws.
Correct paint or type of paint selection for application or environment.
Ceiling height or access needs.
Moving and protecting furniture.
Getting the project done in a timely manner!

What preparations are required before bringing in an interior painter?

Selecting the right contractor is always number one. In respect to what our customer would need to do is outlined in our written detailed proposal. We ask them to remove any small and fragile objects, remove clutter if present, un-plug any electronic devices. If the color locations are complex, we ask them to indicate the color locations with a sticky note on specific areas. Provide us with what is most important to them related to the project.

Do you have to supply the painters with the paint and supplies or is it included in the price?

Absolutely not!, If a contractor won't or doesn't supply all requirements, it's usually a sign that the contractor has a poor track record with the supplier or cannot create an established account at all. We not only supply all paint and supplies to get the job done, we recommend it.

Typically, is it an hourly charge or a project estimate?

For us, and with our advance estimating software, it's priced per project, taking account for all aspects to properly produce the project.

In your opinion, what are the most difficult things to paint? (e.g. trim, doors, windows)

Simple, the most difficult things to paint are the ones that take the longest. An example of that would be a 10-12 pane double hung window; we would likely be able to paint all the walls in a small room in about the same time it takes to paint a single window. Another example would be a kitchen being harder than a similar proportioned living room. The kitchen may take less paint but painting around obstacles takes more time.

If you could give someone who's on the fence about hiring an interior painter any advice, what would it be?

We all know you get what you pay for. Understand who you plan to hire, are they licensed, insured? Is everything they told you they were going to do in writing? References, references, references.

What is the best way for people to reach you or your company?

Our web site offers a lot of information about us; you can look over colors, customer comments and even request an estimate. You can find our website here: www.qualitypaintingsystems.com. From the web site you can even check out our blog or Facebook locations.

Michael Jackson
Quality Painting Systems

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