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The Boxing Rink Helps People Punch, Bob, and Weave Their Way To Fitness

By Pamela Sosnowski

Boxing as a spectator sport dates back hundreds of years, but over the past 20 years it has also become a popular way of staying in shape, without the blood, bruises, and injuries. At The Boxing Rink of Troy, Michael Martelli and Barbara Deyo want everyone to know that boxing is suitable and accessible for a wide range of ages and fitness levels, whether one is an athlete or a mom looking to get in shape and reduce her stress level.

"Boxing gives everyone a great deal of self-confidence," says Deyo. "It is very empowering to hit something! Boxing is about more than just fitness. Boxing is about discipline and focus, and showing yourself you are capable of so much more than you thought. It's a great way to release aggression and relieve stress. It transforms your body AND your mind."

The USA boxing sanctioned gym is located in a 6,100 square-foot facility that features a 20 foot boxing ring, twenty 100-pound hydro-heavy bags for punching, an area dedicated to free weights, and more. The gym never accepts more than 20 students per class to ensure everyone is performing the moves correctly and in a safe manner. Located in the same building is the Deyoga Room, Deyo's yoga studio featuring heated yoga classes.

Martelli began boxing at age 12, and was an Olympic hopeful for the 1984 games. An accident that injured his wrist temporarily derailed his boxing career until he quit his engineering job and decided to get back to his first love. Just two years after returning to the sport he built such a strong client base that he opened The Boxing Rink with Deyo. A certified USA boxing coach with over 40 years of boxing experience under his belt, he holds multiple certificates in personal training, youth exercise, fitness nutrition, and more, and has helped many of his trainees achieve champion level in competitions.

Boxing classes range from Kids Boxing for participants as young as five to Turbobox, which can help students burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour. Serious aspiring athletes can train privately with Martelli or take Athletic Conditioning, which incorporates cross-training with boxing to help build stamina, upper body strength, eye-hand-foot coordination, agility, and so much more. In fact, boxing delivers a myriad of health benefits, according to Martelli.

"Boxing is an overall body workout, with the ability to burn more calories in an hour than most other workout activities," he explains. "It's fast moving, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) which has been shown to be very effective in calorie and fat burning. Besides that ? it's FUN, fast moving and empowering!"

One of the programs offered that Martelli and Deyo are particularly proud of is Rock Steady Program, which is especially designed for people with Parkinson's disease. The Boxing Rink was the first gym in Southeastern Michigan to offer the program, which teaches regular exercises and non-contact boxing to help Parkinson's patients "maintain their physical independence, improve their quality of life and restore confidence and dignity while we wait for a cure," explains Martelli. "RSB empowers people with Parkinson's to 'fight back.'"

As an independent business, Martelli, Deyo, and their team are able to give each student the attention they need to achieve their personal best. "We are an independently owned business. We treat all of our clients like members of our family. We pride ourselves in providing the best possible training, in a clean, safe environment." he says. "The best workout is the one you want to actually DO!"

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