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Rising Phoenix Archery Helps Everyone Take Aim at An Exciting Growing Sport

By Pamela Sosnowski

Thanks to the popularity of movies such as the Hunger Games series, archery as a sport has been growing in recent years. A 2016 nationwide survey conducted by the Archery Trade Association found that archery participation in the U.S. climbed 14% between 2012 and 2014. This means archery centers have been enjoying a boom in business.

One such center is Rising Phoenix Archery of Troy, and its program is the largest U.S. archery accredited program in the nation, with membership now topping 450 participants.

"Hollywood over the past few years has helped push archery back into the public eye; it's as fun as it is rewarding," says the center's head coach, Brandon Wright. "Archery is a unique sport. Often youth can excel just as quickly as adults can, allowing families to participate together. Not many other sports offer an opportunity for everyone to start and compete on an even playing field."

Classes are held both indoors and outside and range from basic beginning archery lessons to women-only classes and private instruction. With beginners' lessons, an emphasis is placed on safety (there are no open toe footwear allowed when practicing archery) and while coaches give increasing challenges to their students, each archer is allowed to advance at their own pace, making the sport comfortable and fun.

"The most important thing for a beginner to know is that archery is exceptionally safe, fun and challenging," explains Wright. "Many don't realize it's actually the second safest sport in America. (In case you're curious, bowling is the safest.) Safety in today's sports is an important factor for parents. Children as young as eight years old may registered for beginning classes. Registration for all lesson levels can conveniently be done online.

While the invention of the bow and arrow dates back to ancient times and was mostly used for hunting, modern archers enjoy several benefits of the sport, not the least of which is focus and hand-eye coordination. But archery also develops strength in the upper body as it takes some muscle to operate a bow and execute the proper draw. Exercise, confidence, and the chance to enjoy the outdoors are other perks of the sport.

New to Rising Phoenix Archery is an open archery range encompassing 7,800 square feet. After each newcomer receives an orientation, they get fitted with a bow and can begin shooting right away. This gives beginners a taste of the sport for just $10 to decide if it's something they want to pursue before making a commitment to a class. A new range pass membership program gives archers more access to the range at a lower cost then paying by the visit.

The center's staff believes that archery should be accessible and introduced to as many people as possible, and they accomplish this by employing encouraging, friendly coaches. "Our reviews reflect it our commitment to creating a welcoming and challenging learning environment," says Wright. "Students are never afraid to ask questions as we love the sport and love to talk to people about the sport."

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