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Preparing to Paint Your Exterior: An Interview with Philip O'hara of Dun Rite Painting

By Philip O'hara

Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

Dun Rite Painting started doing business in 2006 although Phil has more than 30 plus years' experience. Phil hates to cut corners and wants the customer to be extremely happy. You're only as good as your last paint job. Phil listens to his customers, explains in detail what he is going to do to their home so there is no surprises. Phil constantly surprises homeowners doing little extras (free of charge) just so the home looks the best on the block.

How should the siding of a home be prepared prior to painting?

The siding on the home should always be power-washed prior to painting, this step ensures that the dirt is removed from the home (paint doesn't stick to dirt and you don't want flaws in your paint job), next step would be making sure the home is caulked between the siding and around windows. If this is a new home, the wood would be primed prior to painting.

Do you recommend painting trim first or last and why?

The body of the house usually gets painted first, If the paint sprayer gets used, while the paint sprayer is being used the other painter is brushing the paint into the siding to ensure the paint is well into the wood so the paint adheres to the home. The trim is always brushed and rolled to make sure the trim will look its best and the paint job will last.

Is it necessary to prime the siding prior to painting?

Priming the siding is done when bare wood is involved. If this is a new home, priming is done prior to painting, this is done to protect the wood and make sure the paint will adhere and last. When painting an older home, sometimes boards need to be replaced (we can also do that), and those boards will be primed.

If you do not know, how can you tell if oil paint or latex paint was used previously?

You can usually tell by the paint chips if it is oil or latex. If the homeowner doesn't want to call a painter, they can take the chip to a local paint store (not a box store) these paint representatives are knowledgeable and can tell you the best product to use.

What exterior paint do you suggest someone use?

Depending on the home, Sikkens for log homes and other homes Pro Siding Plus by Pittsburg Paints is always a favorite, it goes on nicely and lasts a long time. My exteriors still look as good as the day I finished even after five plus years, looking to get at least ten years. Sikkens should be reapplied every four years.

What tools are required to paint the exterior of a home?

Tools required to paint an exterior are power-washer, paint sprayer, paint brushes, rollers, caulk, tape and ladders of all sizes, depending on the size of your home they need to be able to reach the roof line, we place our ladders strategically along one side of the home so they can place pick boards between the ladders so they can move along the side of the home freely. Drop clothes are used to protect the homes bushes or plants, we want your home and yard looking great (no paint splatters). Plastic and tape may be used to cover windows.

What's the best way for people to get in contact with you and your company?

The best way to reach our company is to call to schedule an estimate. Phil O'Hara (231) 409-2545 or Dianne O'Hara (231) 409-2546, or you can email us at dunritepaintinglive@yahoo.com.

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