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Packing Tips: An Interview with Jacob Noseda of J.Noseda & Son Inc.

By Jacob Noseda

Please describe a little bit about your company and its foundation.

J. Noseda and Son, Inc. is a professional moving company operating in the Metro Detroit area and beyond. We have been a licensed and insured business since 2002, but our roots in the moving industry go much deeper than that. Our founder, and namesake, John Noseda began his career in the relocation industry in 1983, as an over-the-road truck driver and furniture mover. He spent a few years working in long distance dispatch, and in 1988, he became the general manager of one of the larger moving companies in Detroit. After building success in other organizations, it was the right time to build a business of his own, offering a superior level of customer service and expertise for every one of our customers, in every type of relocation imaginable.

As providers of outstanding moving services in all areas of the moving industry, we have forged a niche market in the area of art, antiquities, and extremely hard to move objects. We work for all the local art galleries, and high-end clientele across the board, and have established a means of relocating priceless and fragile items at an affordable and effective rate. This also enables us to provide exemplary service to all of our customers alike. In addition to commercial/household, local and long-distance relocation, we offer many services that our competitors just cannot, including custom crating and packing, installations, chandelier and clock serving, special deliveries, and worldwide shipping.

When should I start packing for my move? Do I need to have everything packed before the movers show up?

Each and every move is different and every customer works at different paces. You will need to gauge your willingness to either do the work yourself, or look to us to provide packing services. We offer free estimates and physical surveys to communicate your needs and the affordability of the services we can perform, on your behalf. We can assess your situation, offer advice on performing tasks that will save you money, give packing tips and a very accurate proximity of cost.

If you choose to do your own packing, it is usually a good idea to get started a couple of weeks before your move. We find that many of our customers get nostalgic while packing their belongings, especially items they have not seen in a few years. Photos, souvenirs, and even the stuff that gets crammed behind the drawers of your desk can bring back memories of times long forgotten. Your method of organization could also trip you up!

You should allow yourself some more time to prep for moving, if you think you will get side tracked by the thoughts and memories that those objects bring back. Packing does not have to be miserable, you should take the time to reflect upon the objects you have amassed, and enjoy yourself!

If the thought of that is daunting, that's okay too, we offer full packing services, from just a few pieces that you are worried about packing correctly, or your entire collection of household goods. The only way to absolutely ensure a packed item arrives safely is to have one of packing experts take on the case.

What do you recommend I pack in my "Open First" box?

It is always a good idea to designate an "Open First" box, and most of especially for us coffee drinkers. Most likely you will be glad to see your java, pot and mug the morning after you move!

I always like to recommend putting in a few paper plates and some silverware, so you don't have to dive right into your kitchen boxes (they usually take the longest time to pack/unpack). Any medication you need to take is also a must for this box, if it is not transported directly with you.

If you have kids, it is a good idea to pack an "Open First" box for each of them, with some of their favorite toys, and anything that will help them get acclimated to their new residence. If you know the move will take a long time, with movers working into the late afternoon and early evening, some toiletries might be another consideration for your open first box. If you have an extraordinary amount of stuff, I recommend packing an open first box for each occupied bedroom, with any personal belongings you might need.

An additional box with some cleaning supplies, is always welcomed. Nothing makes your new house your home, like making sure it is clean! Paper towels, a small broom and dust pan, and some Windex could never hurt. And finally, we would be remiss not to mention the always necessary, toilet paper!

How important is it to have quality boxes for my move? Can I just use recycled boxes or should I buy all new supplies?

There is no problem using recycled boxes for your move, as long as they are in good shape. A standard moving box can definitely withstand a second move, as long as they are still sturdy, with no rips and holes. Stay away from really small boxes, as they will require more trips to and from the truck. A mover has an easier time carrying, or using a dolly, on two or three large boxes, then six or seven small ones. Also, using the standard size moving boxes (book, medium, and large) makes loading the truck easier, and faster for the driver.

Cleanliness is also a crucial factor when using used boxes. Many times boxes from grocery stores or restaurants can be soiled by the products originally shipped in them. Even worse, you don't necessarily know what types of critters were occupying the facilities used to get those products from manufacturer to on store shelves.

With all of the supplies needed, what are some green initiatives you follow that can help make my move more eco-friendly?

Along with using recycled boxes, we urge our customers to use recycled newsprint paper to wrap delicate objects. Still, there is not enough recycled material available to us for all of the moves we handle. At J. Noseda and Son, it is a priority, as well as our responsibility to order our new boxes made with a high amount of post-consumer and recycled fiber content.

You can request a no-cost box pick-up after our local moves, which prevents the boxes from ending up in landfills. This allows us to reuse the boxes that are in decent shape, and make sure that the ones that are no longer usable, get recycled. When offering this service, we do ask that the boxes be broken down, and paper placed in clear bags, to save space in our trucks and warehouse.

Another tip to avoid using excess boxes when packing is to make sure they are full before they are sealed. This will cut down on the amount of boxes needed, and will actually help the objects packed inside arrive safer. Boxes that are only half full have a tendency to crush during loading and transit.

Any other tips for packing for my move?

The most important tip I can offer is to make sure all of your boxes are labeled with the location they will be going to in the new house, even more so than what is inside of the box. This way our movers will not have to ask you where to place each box they bring in. A box that says "Stereo Equipment" could go to any number of rooms, but a box that says "Living Room- Stereo Equipment" has only one destination.

When packing dishes, or other fragile items, it is important to not lay them flat in a box. The objects will be much stronger if they are standing upright, wrapped in paper, with a layer of bunched paper below and above the objects. Also, it is important to use the right size box for what you are packing. Books belong in small boxes, and medium boxes are good for almost everything else. Large boxes should be saved for light/soft items like pillows, blankets, and linens.

What is the best way for people to get in contact with you?

We pride ourselves in being friendly and talkative, offering any possible assistance or advice we can in the business we so diligently learned and continue to love. As stated in our name, we are family owned and operated, and the only wrong question, is the one you don't ask. We can be reached by phone at 586-563-2273, via our website www.movegiant.com, by email to info@movigiant.com.

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