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Need-To-Know Construction Terms: An Interview with All Phase Building and Garages

By Kristen Bosse

Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

At All Phase Building and Garages we like to say when you choose us "You Build with Reliability". This bold statement comes from experience of over 11 years and hundreds of garages that we have built over time. All Phase is a fully licensed, bonded and insured, BBB Accredited Business with an A+ Rating and a long-time member of PRO (Professional Remodeling Organization). Our building philosophy centers around personal service and clear communication between us and the homeowner. This viewpoint guides our construction process from design, through the costing phase, and on to construction. In the end, there are no surprises, only very satisfied homeowners.

What are some of the services your company provides?

All Phase is a Garage and Building Specialist who specializes in Pole Barns, Roofing, Porches, Decks and Siding as well! We are a design to build company.

Do you, personally, think there is contracting jargon?

At All Phase we recognize we are the professionals, and the homeowner should trust and rely on our knowledge and experience, but when it comes to contracting jargon often times it is those unlicensed home remodelers or builders who use contracting jargon to keep a layer between the customer and them for obvious reasons. However, at All Phase we have built our company around full transparency when it comes to homeowners, their homes and the project they are considering having completed!

Have you ever experienced communication issues between you and your client due to a lack of understanding when it comes to carpentry terms?

Every professional has levels of miscommunication issues; however at All Phase because we are a design to build company it takes a great deal of the mystery or questions out of the equation. We work closely with the client when it comes to picking out products, finalizing the budget and design and of course the schedule for completion. Our contracts are very transparent and come with a written warranty. In addition if changes occur on the job we are quick to issue a written change order to ensure the homeowner approves any additional cost or product change. Again, full disclosure allows our customers to have complete understanding from the estimate to the day they take possession!

Please provide a list of terms you wish every client understood.

Often times it is when an unlicensed remodeler or builder is involved that terms like pulling a permit, contract details, change order explanation and of course payments and draws on the job.

Please explain each term.

Permits are required in order for the city to approve any modification so the homeowner is living in a safe environment- free from issues today and for tomorrow. These should be filed by the remodeler and not the homeowner.

Contracts should always be filled with DETAILS! Details about what is being done, materials used, cost, schedule of payments or draws, change order process, and the big one, Disputes- how to handle any question!

Change Orders are issued when for some reason, by the homeowner or the remodeler needs to change something- like change brands or a new color is requested for the paint already put on a wall. Change orders again like your contract spell out what is being changed and who is responsible for any costs attached to this change. A change should never be performed until a Change Order is put in writing and the appropriate parties sign off.

Payments, also called draws should have a schedule, beginning with the down payment and as the job progresses to the day of completion. This should all be included in your contract and if it is not and a remodeler asks for a whole job cost up front, no matter how small the job is, choose a different remodeler. This is a typically a sign that he is probably not going to finish the job.

What do you think is one of the hardest things to explain to someone who is not familiar with construction or carpentry?

There really is no hard area to explain when you are a professional with experience. If your remodeler has a difficult time answering your questions to your understanding this is a tell tale sign you should keep looking for your dream home remodeler! A remodeler is a partner to your vision. Communication is extremely important and should never be overlooked for a cheap price!

What's the best way for people to get in contact with you and your company?

All Phase Building and Garages can be contacted at 419-472-5853, on the web at www.toledoallphasebuilding.com or via Email at info@toledoallphasebuilding.com! We are constantly adding more photos, videos and information to our website- so check back often or drop us a line for a photo example. We are always glad to help the remodeling process along!

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