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Motor City Crossfit Brings Sterling Heights Residents the Results They've Always Wanted

By Elisha Neubauer

Over the years, many exercise regimes and physical training methods have ravaged the mainstream attention. Whether or not these exercises are effective, eventually they fizzle out; appearing in the back studio room once a week at your local privately-owned fitness center. When Crossfit appeared on the scene, it was assumed this would be one such fad; but the multi-focused activity not only stuck around, it grew exponentially in popularity.

Crossfit is basically "functional exercise movements, performed at high intensity," according to Matt DeMinico, owner of Motor City Crossfit in Sterling Heights, Michigan. "In it you are moving in ways your body was designed to do, trying to do so with good technique, all while performing at high intensity." Constant moving at high intensity- sounds easy enough.

DeMinico created a fitness facility which operates differently than your typical 'big box gym.' There are no television screens to veg out to and everyone gets professional coaching to ensure they are getting the best, and safest, training out of their sessions. "In the traditional gym, their best customers are the ones who pay for a year's membership, show up three times, and never come back," DeMinico states on the facility's website. "Here at Motor City Crossfit, we don't want you to pay us to not show up, the only way we succeed is by helping you get into better shape than you ever thought possible, then bring your friends."

Another differentiating feature of Motor City Crossfit is that things are constantly changing; never getting stagnant. "The workouts in CrossFit vary every day," explains DeMinico. "You could go your entire life without repeating a workout, or you may repeat the same workout four times a year." Each workout focuses on three main principles: Safety, Effectiveness, and Efficiency, as well as maximizing movement and having fun.

"The goal people have to get in shape is the same for every human being on the planet, but with different levels required of them," DeMinico tells us. "A 23-year-old fireman often has a need to be able to shoulder things heavier than his bodyweight, lift things off the ground that are more than twice his bodyweight, and drag or push things that are many times his bodyweight. His 82- year-old grandmother needs to be able to lift the bag of potatoes over her head to fit it into the cabinet, while not losing her balance, then safely get down to ground level and back up after picking up the 3 potatoes that fell out of the bag."

He goes on, explaining that a different level of effort would have to be tailored to suit their individual needs. "Grandma is going to be doing pretty much the same workout as Grandson, with much lighter weights and probably modified movements."

The best piece of advice DeMinico leaves us with, which you can find on Motor City Crossfit's website, is that they don't subscribe to the "30 minutes of light cardio" theory at Motor City. "We wish it worked better than Crossfit, because it's a heck of a lot easier, but the real world doesn't work that way," he says. "We're just thankful what we do here is fun."

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