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Marci Curtis Photography Is Covering Weddings With a Photojournalistic Approach

By Elisha Neubauer

Marci Curtis has been named the Best Wedding Photographer in Detroit, Michigan for eight years in a row, but she didn't rise to this recognition overnight. Curtis started her journey into photography when she was merely four years old, starting to shoot around her house at such a young age.

As Curtis moved on, she realized photography was her true calling and began to focus her education around the subject. She attended the University of Michigan, earning a Bachelor of General Studies in journalism, photography, and business. After a substantial career in photojournalism, Curtis decided to branch out on her own, bring her photojournalistic skills to capture happier slices of life than most news stories offer.

When it comes to her wedding photography approach, Curtis said she uses her photojournalistic skills to cover weddings in a candid style. What this means, she explained, was that the wedding day moments are captured as they happen, instead of being posed or staged.

With her in-the-moment approach, each wedding shoot looks starkly different than the last, making your shots as unique and individual as your wedding.

"It's about telling each wedding day story as it unfolds," Curtis said. "I've been called a photo ninja because people quickly forget I'm there which allows me to become invisible so I can get all sorts of super unique and candid moments."

In a world where everyone has a camera and access to photography filters, apps, and programs, Curtis understands that hiring a non professional photographer (or a super cheap one) might seem like an appealing way to cut corners. However, she truly believes that hiring a photographer is the most important thing you can do to memorialize your wedding day.

"Just about everything on a wedding day is temporary," Curtis said. "The only thing that's permanent is the person you married and the photos that tell the story of your wedding day. There are no do-overs with wedding photos. The answer is that this is what I do almost every weekend. It's my comfort zone. It's breathing for me."

There are so many secrets and tricks when it comes to photographing weddings. It's not something you can just jump in and do. As Curtis described it, most houses of worship and reception halls are like taking photos in a really pretty cave.

It takes a lot of understanding and knowledge of artificial lighting to truly capture what the eye sees during a ceremony. Curtis herself has over 1,000 weddings under her belt.

"I love what I do! Most people ask me how can I stand so much pressure," Curtis said. "The answer is that this is what I do almost every weekend."

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