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Let Down Your Hair at Rapunzel's Lice Boutique

By Courtney Clark

Unfortunately for masses of parents, head lice are a common issue with children. Little comfort lies in the fact of their notoriety; however, Rapunzel's Lice Boutique is available to Ann Arbor families who are in need of lice relief.

In 2008, founder and mother Sarah Casello-Rees opened Lice Brigade after an overwhelming battle with lice in her family. After many house calls she realized she could be of even more assistance by opening a location, effectively saving clients the cost of mileage. Rapunzel's Lice Boutique was opened in 2009, the first Head Lice Treatment Center in Michigan.

The Boutique and staff specialize in non-toxic products and methods. As the website explains, "Our practitioners will go strand by strand through your family's hair to eliminate lice, nits, and the nit glue that attaches the eggs to human hair." Casello-Rees hand-picks each employee to ensure the staff is sufficiently qualified. Employees must be friendly, compassionate, attentive, and they must work well with children. Once hired, the extensive training process is extensive, requiring study and practice that ensures only the best will be treating customers.

A non-toxic product the Boutique uses is the AirAlle. According to store owner Phil Brechting, this FDA medically-cleared device is 99.2 percent effective at killing lice, eggs, and nit glue. The process is thorough: After the AirAlle (a "controlled headed air treatment which uses a specific temperature, air flow and pattern"), employees comb out the hair and apply an extra-strength neutralizer. The Boutique even sells the neutralizer and nit combs if customers would rather self-treat.

Brechting suggests seeking treatment if a child shows symptoms of life infestation. Although itching is the most recognized symptom, he says not everyone will itch. Some will show a rash that is commonly found behind the ears and on the neck. Parents can also take steps to prevent lice: put the child's hair up to decrease the chances of contact, avoid head-to-head contact, and try the Boutique's products.

Parents can try the Lice Prevention Shampoo and Leave-In Conditioner. The shampoo, according to the website, is "infused with peppermint and tea-tree oil to help prevent head lice" and is 78 organic and sulfate free. The conditioner is described as "a 95 percent organic leave-in conditioning spray infused with natural essential oils famous for their anti-insect properties." Overall, the products aim to be simultaneously effective and safe.

Rapunzel's Lice Boutique reviews testify to the shop's effectiveness. Parents praise employees' patience, reassurance, professionalism, and more. For such an unpleasant experience lice provide, the Boutique offers comfort and resolutions on which families can depend.

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