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Ita Yoga Studio Helps Relax Ann Arbor

By Anne M. Giori

Ita Reyes E-RYT opened her own studio, Ita Yoga Studio, in Ann Arbor which specializes in infrared heated flow yoga. The studio reaches temperatures as high as 90 degrees during classes. Gentle yoga classes as well as teacher training courses are also offered. Reyes answered some questions for us about her studio.

How does yoga enhance the body?

Yoga helps create a connection to the needs of the body. When we practice yoga, we feel everything because at the same time we are using the body, we are working towards complete focus of what is happening as it is happening.

Postures can strengthen while at the same time stretch and open tight areas of the body. When we are strong and flexible, we feel good. Another way that yoga enhances the body is by way of oxygenation and improvement in the circulatory system.

We practice breath techniques that help oxygenate the body. Also, the heart rate increases when your are moving at the pace of the breath as well as when you are holding strengthening postures. It is a very well-rounded way of taking care of oneself.

What advice would you give to people who are new to yoga?

I always tell beginners not to fear the practice. Everybody starts somewhere. And because they have a consistent practice, they can move the way they do. So it is important to come with an open mind and allow the process of learning to take place.

We have a very welcoming community. It is important to find that first so that you can grow and find progress without feeling singled out in classes.

What else would you like to convey to the public about your yoga studio? What do you enjoy about your job?

My yoga studio is an extension of my home & family. We have a warm & caring community that "get" what yoga is about. The space offers students the opportunity to disconnect from the daily & connect to the self. We all need "me" time in order to be better for those we care for and everything else we do.

And that is achieved at my studio. The day stops for a moment so we can take care of ourselves. There is no judgement. No competition. No drama. Because it is so enjoyable, I do not consider teaching and managing the business a job. I truly enjoy what I do.

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