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Managed Appraisal Solutions for Every Customer: An Interview with Synergy Appraisal Services

By Kristen Bosse

Please describe a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

The SYNERGY APPRAISAL SERVICES Family provides high-quality, well-supported appraisals and reviews, with competitive pricing and prompt service, in a compliant manner that mitigates risk and facilitates good business decisions. We develop managed appraisal solutions that are customized to meet the unique business needs of each customer.

How did you get into this line of work?

Synergy Appraisal Services was incorporated in 1996 by our founder, David Dill. He majored in finance and was a successful wealth management representative for a large national bank. David became fascinated with the role of appraisals in mortgage lending operations. He relied upon his philosophy of seeking Win-Win-Win solutions when developing our corporate values. We are invested in the success of our stakeholders, which include Customers, employees, and vendors.

How do your appraisal services compare to competition in your area? Is there anything you believe you do better/different?

Synergy Appraisal emphasizes quality, compliance, and service. We realize that appraisals are not commodities; there is a wide variance in appraisal quality today. We provide better appraisals by employing better Appraisers. Our goals are to produce superior quality valuation products and create an excellent Customer Service experience. Providing the right valuation services to enhance our Customers' success, rewarding the most qualified local Appraisers with repeat business, and creating a corporate culture that empowers our employees to excel is our approach.

What are some things that your promise to your customers?

We want our Clients to be fully satisfied with every aspect of our value-added services. By incorporating our Clients' expectations as the goals against which we measure our performance, we focus on what really matters to our Clients. By treating our employees and vendors with respect, and providing the encouragement and training necessary for their professional development, Customers can expect to receive exceptional service and extraordinary products from our Staff and Fee Appraisers.

Is it always required to hire an appraiser before your house is listed? If not, what are the benefits of doing so?

There is no requirement to engage an Appraiser when listing one's home for sale. Real Estate Agents can often help homeowners determine a reasonable listing price for their home. In times of changing market conditions, though, or with unique properties, an Appraiser can usually develop a more reliable opinion of a home's value than an Agent. Since selling one's home is among the largest financial transactions most of us will conduct, usually involving hundreds of thousands of dollars, investing a few hundred dollars to ensure the listing price is reasonable can be very helpful. An appraisal can help protect against selling one's home for too low of a price and against selling one's home for too high of a price ? which is a problem if the buyer applies for a mortgage loan, but the sales price cannot be supported by the financial institution's appraisal. One thing to note, however, is that an appraisal acquired by a homeowner cannot be used later in the mortgage lending process.

What specific qualities should a homeowner look for in a qualified appraiser?

A homeowner can qualify an Appraiser by asking a few important questions: How often does the Appraiser work in the Subject property's market area? Does the Appraiser have experience appraising the same property type as the Subject property? Does the Appraiser subscribe to the local Multiple Listing Service? How many years has the Appraiser been appraising residential properties? Can the Appraiser provide a few professional references?

What are some common mistakes homeowners make upon hiring an appraiser?

The reliability of an appraisal's value opinion depends mostly on the Appraiser's education, experience, market knowledge, and judgment. It is a mistake to hire an Appraiser solely on the basis of having the lowest fee. It is also a mistake to hire a distant Appraiser with limited experience appraising in the Subject property's market area.

How do your appraisers ensure that they remain unbiased?

Appraisers sign a certification, included within every report, that they have no bias with respect to any party involved in the real estate transaction. Appraisers are obligated to provide an independent, objective, and credible opinion of market value. Since an Appraiser's compensation is not contingent on any pre-determined result or any subsequent action, their payment does not depend on anything other than developing a credible, compliant appraisal.

What is the best way to get in contact with you?

Please contact us at 888-552-7772 or info@synergyappraisal.com.

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