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The Advantages of Adding a Deck To Your Home: An Interview with Gary Suchland of GM Construction LLC.

By Kristen Bosse

Please describe a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

GM Construction is a full service construction company that specializes in custom outdoor entertainment spaces. This consists of custom decks, gazebos, screened enclosures, rough- sawn timber pergolas, timber structures, stamped concrete, retaining walls, outdoor lighting, and landscaping. We believe in creating a tranquil and surreal environment that lasts for many years of entertaining family and friends.

What is your position at GM Construction, LLC?

I am the owner of GM Construction, L.L.C. I also do every client consultation, manage every project, and make sure that our clients are given the best solution and service for their dream project.

How do I know if I should refurbish my deck or rebuild entirely?

If your deck substructure is level and doesn't show visible signs of rotting, the potential is there for refurbishing what you already have. This could consist of installing new decking, new fascia and new railing after the substructure was inspected and deemed suitable to accommodate new products. If the deck is sinking and shows a lot of visible rotting of deck boards/railings, it is a good possibility the deck is a candidate for a complete demolition. In most cases the cost is more to refurbish decks that are in advanced stages of deterioration.

What made you choose the manufacturers you did? What do they offer that others may not?

Over the years we have been in business, many products have come and gone and many companies that claimed a good warranty were closed down within a few years. The reason we prefer the products that we recommend over others is due to our use and experience with many different products. We've learned which companies stand behind their products and have developed great relationships with each. The warranty is only as good as the paper it is printed on if the company is not there to handle the claim. So when we offer guidance on which products are better on the market, it is due to the reliability, durability, quality of both the products and their companies.

Please name some advantages of adding a deck to my home.

By adding a new deck to your home, you increase your ability and capacity to entertain guests and friends while connecting mother nature's great wonders to your home. Most folks notice the wonderful surroundings outside while relaxing on their deck. This could be as small as the neighbor child swinging on the play set or the frolic of deer running through the backyard. For those few that have lake front properties, the views can be endless. A deck can truly enhance your home and lifestyle.

What has 15 years in business taught you about this industry?

I have learned that this industry fluctuates with the housing market and witnessed many contractors in our industry, even the skilled tradesman, finding themselves without work for quite some time. Luckily, we continued to grow due to homeowners choosing to upgrade parts of their home rather than short-selling their home to look for a want they want in a new one. We've discovered that customers that want to make the most of what they have thrive in any environment and we are happy to support them in doing that. I feel that the economy has finally leveled off and building growth is making a comeback. Hopefully we will continue to see the industry grow and good tradesman come back to our state.

How do your customers know that the return on investment in your services will be worth it?

The answer to this question is unique to each customer. Adding a deck or any outdoor entertainment area to your home doesn't always add a monetary value to your home or property equal to what you have invested into the project. The true return comes from the memories that get made in your backyard oasis, whether its with friends, family or even the occasional stranger. Like most smart investors, you have to be in it for the long-haul to see it pay-off. So I always make sure our customers get exactly what they want or better to set them up for a great return on their investment.

How are you available to offer quality products and services at an affordable price?

The secret to our affordable pricing is that we keep the work within our company, eliminating the use of outside sub-contractors wherever possible. I am blessed to have put together a skilled team of craftsman over my years and we work as a team on every project, keeping us masterful at what we do. It decreases the time to complete projects, eliminates costly errors and miscommunications, and we get many referrals from the good work we do. Being that we work on so many projects each year, we also get great pricing on high-end raw materials. Bundling all this together allows us to give our customers affordable pricing and a high-end product every time.

What's the best way for people to get in contact with you?

The easiest and best way to contact us would be through our website at www.gmdecks.com, or on our direct line at 517-861-9968.

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