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Tips on Creating Your Own Landscape: An Interview with Artisans Landscaping

By Kristen Bosse

Please describe a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Artisans Landscaping was started in 2003 by Chad D. Fournier, as strictly a Landscape Design-Build-Construction Business. Included in the landscape end is Patio and Deck Installation, Retaining Walls, Water Features, outdoor Lighting, lawn installation, hydroseeding, and Plant Installation. We have two full time designers who are university trained at MSU. At peak season we will run 5-6 full time landscape crews consisting of about 15 personnel. Our Lawn Mowing and Maintenance Division consists of two mowing crews and 1 Lawn Care Technician, this division is manned by 6 personnel. Artisans has a fully stocked Retail Nursery and Landscape Supply for wholesale and retail.

What are some common lawn diseases and how do I prevent them from infesting my landscape?

Some common lawn diseases include: Snow Mold, Necrotic Ring Spot, Dollar Spot, Rust. The best disease prevention are good cultural practices (Proper Mowing Height, Core Aeration, Power Raking, Watering, sustainability of proper nutrients thru fertilization. Many times once your at the chemical treatment stage it is not a prevention it now becomes a matter of irradication of a disease that is already present.

What tips do you have for those attempting to create their landscapes themselves?

1) Do a good takeoff of the area you are intending to work in, 2) Research and visualize what kind of garden space you are looking for i.e. Formal, Informal. 3) Take into account your macro and micro-climate i.e. Sun vs. Shade, Wet vs. Dry. 4) Consider how much maintenance you are willing to commit to the space. 5) Design the space on paper and plan your materials accordingly. 6) Use the proper plants rated for the climate factors 7) Think long term with the planting space, remember plants will grow. So don't overplant the space. 8) Have Fun with the Space. Don't make it work. Involve the Family.

What are some techniques when it comes to integrating water features, hardscaping, and plants altogether?

The best advice I can give on this topic is that these different spaces should not fight each other. They should support each other and add to the overall feel of the space they are being integrated into.

What landscaping projects should I be thinking of as Spring approaches?

Spring is a good time to do the rest of the perennial cutbacks you did not get to in the fall. It is also a good time to mulch or top dress the mulch in your planting beds. Spring is a great time for planting most species of plants. This will add establishment time for the plants prior to the next winter.

In your opinion, how much can a newly landscaped exterior increase the value of a home?

I can't say exactly how much value a newly landscaped yard increases the value of your home. I do tell people that a well planned / designed and maintained landscape definitely helps speed up the sale of your home if you were to sell. My opinion is that the curb appeal of home adds to the incentive for the prospective home buyer to buy, I think it will also help you get the price you want vs. taking a hit on the price. When people look at a house to buy they don't want to think about the additional costs they will have to spend on putting in a patio or landscaping the yard.

What's the best way for people to get in contact with you?

People can contact Artisans Landscaping by calling 989-662-0500 or by email chad@artisanslandscaping.com.

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