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Ignited Photography Brings Out The Best In Its Subject Matter In Howell, Michigan

By Paul Rowe

Photography transports us back in time. There's something about a snapshot that takes us back to special moments in our lives, enriching us, time and again reminding us of what is important through recollection. The essential role of photographs in the process of sharing our stories with others cannot be overstated. Thankfully for folks in Howell, Michigan, photography couple Heather and Kevin Autry have dedicated their collective talent and industry to taking us back to enduring moments from the past.

"Kevin and I have fully invested ourselves into Ignited Photography and it is our passion and focus. We love what we do, but even more we love the people we get to work with," Heather Autry said. "It brings us great joy to not only create great pictures, but to also to capture the emotions, memories, and moments created while we are photographing."

These emotions, memories, and moments cannot be captured accurately by just anyone. There is a huge difference between having your friend take a vacation snapshot with an IPhone camera and hiring a professional photographer whose life's passion lies in documenting important moments.

Only professional photographers that are passionately engaged in reproducing important memories can truly capture the past, bringing joy to our lives. Hearing that people can relive their memories while looking back through images brings Heather and Kevin Autry the motivation they need to bring professionalism behind the lens on a daily basis.

"There is a significant difference between a professional photographer with years of experience and a friend with a camera," Autry said. "Through the years, a professional will perfect their art and abilities in all sorts of lighting and environmental situations. They will learn the art of posing people to highlight the best of each of their subject, taking into consideration height, body type, and age, as well as visual balance and artistic interpretation."

Professionals also know how to properly communicate with the person being photographed, calming them down, helping them enjoy the session, and present their best self for the camera. Knowing how to manipulate lighting just the right way and using proper equipment to produce the most beautiful, vibrant, and touching images possible are professional touches that cannot be replicated by the uninitiated amateur. These refined practices are only carefully honed by the professional photographer after years of study.

"A friend with a camera may not know the best angles and lighting techniques to bring out the best in their subject," Autry said. "A friend with a camera may be free financially, but in the end, may cost more than ever imagined, especially with memories and moments as important as those on a wedding day."

That's where the expertise provided by Ignited Photography comes into focus. Heather and Kevin Autry primarily photograph weddings and engagements, but also enjoy fashion photography and high school seniors. Although a lot of their photography is beautiful when naturally lit, they specialize in the ability to control lighting through the use of strobe lighting, reflectors, and diffusers.

Ultimately, what separates Ignited Photography from other professional photography companies is Heather and Kevin's shared passion for love, life, their clients, and each other.

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