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How to Prepare for a Home Inspection: An Interview with Lon Grossman of Technihouse Inspections, Inc.

By Lon Grossman

Tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

My home inspection company has been in business for almost 40 years. We do residential, commercial and industrial inspections. Our team brings over 60 years experience to the table with our knowledge and expertise helping people, companies and their lawyers in construction defects, poor workmanship issues as well as other legal problems as a result of improper construction.

The owner / inspector of Technihouse Inspections Inc. is a licensed builder, mechanical contractor, asbestos contractor-supervisor and Radon mitigator. He is an American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Certified Inspector. ASHI's highest standard of education. Lon also earned the National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI) highest credential; Certified Real Estate Inspector. Lon writes a home improvement column in 11 local newspapers and is a contributing writer for several National publications.

What are a few key steps a potential buyer should take after hiring a home inspector, before the inspection takes place?

Make a list and bring it with you on the inspection of any questions you might have, of things you saw during your time at the prospective house. But, prior to hiring the inspector, check out the company website. Check out his or her qualifications and credentials.

Do you have any tips on coordinating the time/day with both the seller and inspector?

There are 4 to 5 parties that need to be coordinated to set up an inspection. They are you, the buyer, your realtor, the seller and their realtor, and finally the inspector. Talk to your realtor and find times that are good for the both of you. You, the buyer, are the team leader. Call and get available times with the inspector and leave the rest up the the Realtor to set up the appointment. In most cases things flow smoothly but there are times that appointments cannot be confirmed and/or must be rescheduled.

What advice do you have about attending the home inspection?

Some inspectors do not encourage their client to attend the inspection. Having the buyer along takes more time and some find it distracting. At Technihouse, we encourage the buyer to accompany us on the inspection. Yes, we provide a written report, but you get a lot more by being there. You can see what we do, ask questions along the way and learn more about your new house. We provide maintenance tips and show you how things work. If you are not there, you miss that kind of interaction.

Is there any paperwork that the buyer should bring to the inspection?

The buyer should bring the list of questions they have to the inspection. It should be a list of things they observed when they saw the house that they thought might be a concern. Many clients bring a note pad and a flashlight. Bring your checkbook. If you bring small children and infants along with you, you may want to bring snacks and something for them to entertain themselves. The inspection for the average size house takes anywhere from a few hours to several, which can be difficult for kids.

What are some of the top questions that you wish buyers would ask you before or during a home inspection?

When people call to set up an inspection, they should be asking "What are the credentials of the inspector that will be inspecting my house?", "How long has he or she been doing inspections?",. "How much time should they allow for the inspection?" " How much will the inspection cost?" Price of the inspection, however, should not be THE motivating factor. During the inspection, feel free to ask questions. You are paying your inspector a lot of money, if you don't, or cannot ask the inspector everything you want, who are you going to ask about your next house?

What's the best way for people to contact you and your company?

Technihouse Inspections Inc. can be reached at 248-855-5566. Via the web, go to www.Technihouse.com. My email address is drdiy@comcast.net.

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