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Growing and Maintaining a Beautiful Lawn: An Interview with Dion Holmes of Elegant Greens LLC

By Dion Holmes

Please tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Elegant Greens Lawn Maintenance and Landscape Service is a fully insured and licensed business that was established in 2005. It all started with a push mower, the cheapest weed whip that was on the market and a push broom. It has since grown to maintain over 200 properties in the Downriver Michigan area, over $100,000 worth of equipment and employs 8+ employees annually. We have been offering the highest quality lawn and snow services ever since we started. We strive to be the best in the area and we hold our employees to high standards of excellence.

Services we offer: Residential/Commercial Lawn Maintenance, Landscaping, Small Tree Removal, Bush Removal, Bush/Shrub Trimming, Dog Waste Removal, Leaf Clean Up, Spring/Fall Clean Up, Mulch Installation, Stone Installation, Gutter Clean Out, Landscape Bed Maintenance, Core Aeration, Tree Trimming, Holiday Lighting, Over-seeding and Snow Removal.

What are some of the keys to growing healthy grass?

Water your lawn at 4:00 AM daily for 20 minutes in each zone. Mow the grass to a height of 3.5 inches or taller, on a weekly basis. Keep off the lawn. Aerate and Over-Seed lawn annually. Keep lawn free of leaves and debris. You must also fertilize your lawn a minimum of 4 times: You should fertilize your lawn by using the following guidelines: Use crabgrass control fertilizer in March, Weed and Feed fertilizer in the beginning of May, Straight fertilizer in July and a winter guard fertilizer in October. Do not ever over apply fertilizer.

Can you briefly describe the importance of choosing the right grass seed mixture?

Choosing the right grass seed mixture is the most important thing you can do when trying to grow grass in any area. Michigan lawns typically grow well with any type of Kentucky Blue Grass mixture.

How does a homeowner know what the right type of grass for their soil is?

The homeowner should seek advice from their lawn care professional that takes care of the property in order to fully understand what type of grass is right for their soil.

Are certain types of lawns more environmentally friendly than others?

Lawns that are fertilized with organic fertilizer are the most environmentally friendly lawns.

What tips do you have for successfully using fertilizer and plant protection materials?

Never over apply fertilizer or plant protection material. Over applying these applications may result in opposite than desired results. Always read how to use the materials by going over the directions and following them step by step.

What's the best way for people to contact your company?

The best way for people to contact Elegant Greens is by telephone: 734-231-6050 or by email: elegantgreens@yahoo.com. If you need a lawn maintenance or snow removal quote in less than 24 hours then fill out our estimate form located on the main page of our website: www.elegantgreens.weebly.com. All of our contact information is also provided on the website as well.

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