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From Hair Pieces to Wine Glasses, This Woman Does it All!

By Elisha Neubauer

Some companies are started from necessity, some from interest, and others are started from love. The Painted Glass, launched in 2014 by Sharon Spivey, was started in part because of the latter reason: love for her clients.

Spivey worked in a field that many are unaware of: cranial prosthesis. She saw clients through the VA for a multitude of reasons, such as alopecia areata, cancer, lupus, and closed head injuries. But, she noticed one major repetitive factor in all of her clients' lives. "I noticed that my clients were only going to doctor's appointments, going in for treatments, and coming to see me about their hair pieces," she explained.

Being a compassionate person, Spivey decided to do something about it. "So, since I was closed on Wednesdays, I started getting them together, kicking their well meaning caretakers out, giving them a glass of wine and teaching them to paint on wine glasses."

Spivey didn't realize that she would fall into this line of work when she first started. It was just something that came to her and seemed like a good idea. "I believe every soul benefits from finding a creative outlet to express themselves," Spivey explains.

She believes that the focus required to complete a project such as painting on wine glasses is actually very beneficial to her client's health. "The attention to detail necessary to transfer a vision to glass helps to relieve stress, the most dangerous aspect of modern society. Expression through art, byway of the medium of glass, will also improve motor skills and eye hand coordination and provide a glowing sense of accomplishment with the finished product."

Today, Spivey operates The Painted Glass in addition to her hair distribution company, Ultimate Hair Enhancements, LLC. Placing a focus on alleviating stress for her clients, the goal of her unique business is to offer a relaxing environment promoting creativity and freedom of expression. "We are in the business of expression through art and enjoying great fun with friends and family," affirms Spivey.

While the company has been doing well since its launch two years ago, Spivey isn't comfortable with just letting things ride. She already has a list of goals lined up for the company to accomplish in the next few years. "Our short-term goals include doing more outreach programs with medical centers," she tells us. "Our long term goal is to expand this service across the entire lower peninsula of Michigan, opening satellites across the state, with the goal of providing services to any adult with an artistic bend."

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