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Float, Get Fit, and Have Fun at Pole Addiction & Aerial Dragonfly Studio

By Pamela Sosnowski

Bored with your usual Pilates class? Burnt out from spinning? Then Pole Addiction & Aerial Dragonfly Studio of Ferndale may have just the cure for the workout doldrums, by helping people get fit via the use of aerial silks, trapezes, and poles. And it's not just for aspiring Cirque du Soleil performers.

"Newcomers who have never danced can expect to build strength and stamina while having a blast," says Christine Mackey, one of the studio's Lyra and Trapeze instructors. "Aerial has a way of tricking us into working out and actually enjoying it, because it is so incredibly fun. You quickly learn to be more aware of how your own body moves and notice results much quicker than anything I've ever tried before."

The studio was opened in 2005 as the first pole dancing studio in Michigan. In 2010 the staff expanded the offerings to include aerial arts. Some of the classes offered include Beginner Pole Tricks, Aerial Hoop (Lyra), and Acrobalance, where students work with a partner to improve flexibility and build core strength and balance.

All of the classes, which range from beginners to advanced, are designed to help tone muscles, improve coordination, and boost confidence. Pole dancing in particular has taken off in recent years as a popular form of exercise, after years of being stigmatized as something only done by strippers. In reality, it works the core ab and back muscles, gets the heart racing, increases fitness endurance, and appeals to a variety of fitness enthusiasts.

With Lyra, students will feel like a graceful circus performer as they get into shape using a suspended hoop as equipment. After stretching and conditioning during the first half of the class, they are then taught several moves that work the arms, abs, and legs. Once students complete a Level 1 certificate in any type of class, they may move on to the intermediate level group.

The instructors also offer traveling workshops for events and private lessons, and the studio may be rented for special occasions such as birthdays, bachelorette parties, and team building events. Several instructors are professional performers, and can be hired for entertainment events.

For the safety and comfort of all participants, the studio has some requirements for its students. To prevent getting silk burn and other injuries, dance class students must wear clothing that covers their armpits and the backs of their knees, and a top that won't ride up when upside down.

There is also a strict no jewelry and no fragrance policy, and students are asked to refrain from using lotions and oils on the day of class as it interferes with the ability to hold onto apparatuses. But most importantly, clients are required to respect one another and the instructors and have a blast while working out.

"This studio is an extremely fun and safe environment to learn something very unique," says Mackey. "Each class offered has been built with our students' best interest first and foremost, and that makes for a very welcoming atmosphere for newcomers."

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