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5 Tips for Getting Electrical Work Done Right: An Interview with Josh Young of Voltron Power, LLC

By Josh Young

Tell us a little bit about your experience, company history and the services you offer.

We are comprised of two owners that each have been in the electrical industry for many years. We formed our company, Voltron Power, LLC, in 2011 and have been growing ever since. We provide high quality electrical service to residential and commercial clients. We offer installations as simple as a light switch or as complicated as a whole-house standby generator. Voltron Power has completed many kitchen and bathroom remodels, home additions and finished basements as well as troubleshooting and repairing commercial electrical problems.

What are two or three of the most common electrical issues you've seen in your area?

We've seen a lot of old electrical panels and exterior service cables that need to be replaced. Many times, homeowners are unaware of the condition of their electrical service until a problem has occurred. Another electrical issue we run into often is when a handyman or general contractor does electrical work for a client instead of using a licensed electrician. Without proper electrical training, electrical work is often done poorly and that can cause dangerous situations for home and business owners.

When is it a good idea for homeowners to consult a licensed electrician?

Any time a home or business owner is in need of electrical work or is thinking of having some electrical work done is a good time to consult a licensed electrician. Other times would be if there are lights flickering, any "buzzing" sounds coming from a plug, switch or light or if there are any issues with plugs, switches or lights, such as the device not functioning properly at all times.

What qualifications should people look for before hiring an electrician?

Your electrician should absolutely be licensed and insured. Being licensed ensures that the person you hire has been properly trained in the electrical field. Being insured, obviously, ensures that the home or business owner will not be responsible for any costs related to any damages, whether negligent or accidental, caused by the electrician.

How are the service contract and fee typically set up?

For us, we offer up-front pricing so there are no hidden or unexpected costs to our clients. If we're on a service call, the service call fee is applied toward locating the problem. If the troubleshooting gets extensive, we offer the client a cost to continue with an in-depth circuit analysis to locate the problem. If it turns out to be a minor repair, we'll include it in the costs already agreed to, if the repair is more involved, we'll provide a cost to the client before making the repair to allow the client to accept or decline the additional work and cost.

What important tips about electrical maintenance and safety would you give to home buyers?

Check for hardwired, interconnected smoke detectors in every bedroom. Make sure the exterior electrical service cables are in good condition. Check the electrical panel and have it replaced if it has fuses or has old, out-of-date circuit breakers. Hire a licensed and insured electrical contractor to provide a thorough safety inspection prior to purchasing a home. Do not rely on a realtor's home inspector for an electrical system inspection.

What's the best way for people to reach you and your company?

Through our website, www.voltronpower.com, which includes our contact phone numbers and email address.

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