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Find Your Own Way Out with D'Escape Mission's Twist on Their Escape Room

By Kelly Church

At D'Escape Mission, each player's mission is to escape their room in 60 minutes or less. Partner at D'Escape Mission, Dawn Hurd, says the experience is straight out of a movie or video game, requiring players to think outside of the box and work creatively with their teammates. The high-pressure experience, located in Warren, MI, is a great activity for families, businesses, gamers and parties.

"The door locks, the clock stars and you're immersed into a narrative that requires you to solve clues, crack codes, uncover mysteries and hidden secrets," Hurd says. "Panic sets in as the timer counts down. Can your team work together under pressure? Can you escape in 60 minutes?"

There are three different escape missions that players can choose from, all with a pretty low completion rate indicating how challenging the escapes actually are. The Mission Motown is set in Detroit and has a 38% completion rate. In this scenario, a revolutionary car is developed but the code to access the plans were lost. It's the players mission to retrieve these codes.

In Mission Game On, with a 23% completion rate, is considered the "ultimate challenge where codes, clues and hidden secrets cover the gambit." Mission Curse of Malachi has a meager 19% completion rate and players are tasked with finding Master Malachi's trunk and banish the banshee spirit that's trapped inside.

"It's all about fun, teamwork and just something to do that is very different and where everyone can participate," Hurd says. "For companies, it not only provides a unique teambuilding and bonding experience -- it is fun too! It also gives managers a chance to see how employees interact and who can take the lead, and think outside the box."

D'Escape Mission offers group discounts and special missions for those who want to escape outside of normal operating hours. Rates start at $25 per player for a standard mission. D'Escape Mission also has a portable room, allowing the company to bring missions to players instead of the other way around. All missions must be reserved in advance.

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