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Find Relaxation At Joy Ann Arbor

By Keith Donaldson

Joy is a hard feeling to find, but it can be found regularly at Joy Ann Arbor. Utilizing the Gyrotonic Method to improve physical fitness, Joy can help you find your zen and work on your flexibility. Co-owner Heather Glidden answered some of our questions about her studio.

How would you describe the Gyrotonic Method and who would it benefit the most?

The Gyrotonic method is a beautiful system of movement that trains the body to be strong and toned while still remaining supple and flexible. It uses a specialized piece of equipment, the Gyrotonic tower, to guide and support the body as well as adding challenge and resistance.

Gyrotonic exercises work three-dimensionally in full ranges of motion to help create strength in the areas of the body that often aren't accessed in traditional modes of training. Frequently even our clients who have done rigorous strength training find through their Gyrotonic training that they have surprising gaps of strength. These gaps can frequently lead to injury, so the Gyrotonic method can be a great way to help prevent injury.

People who will benefit the most from Gyrotonic training are the ones who recognize the need for balance in their training and a mindful approach to movement. Gyrotonic training can be a great complement to other workouts, helping to mobilize and recover from heavy strength training or maintain flexibility after cardio training. It can also be targeted for sports-specific applications and recovery from pain or injury. We love the system for its flexibility and wide range of applications.

What advice would you give to someone who is new to Pilates or yoga?

People who are new to Pilates or yoga have frequently seen extreme examples of these practices on social media or other places in the world. We've all seen the rail-thin yogi bend herself into a pretzel on Instagram, right? What I want people to know about Pilates and yoga is that they don't have to be flexible or be a certain weight or have a certain body type to benefit from these practices. Come as you are. You don't have to get strong before you start doing Pilates. You don't have to be flexible before you start doing yoga. We specialize in fitness for real people. Come and start practicing with us, and you'll see the difference in your body.

What else would you like to convey to the public about what you do? What do you enjoy about your job?

We love the moments when our clients report everything that's possible in their lives as a result of their work in the studio. Getting onto the floor to play with their grandkids, going for a long walk without pain, standing taller, feeling calm and patient with their families, or playing a perfect golf game and feeling great afterward. All of these are examples of our mission which is to create more joy in the world by helping people to feel better in their bodies.

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