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Everything You Need to Know About Remodeling Your Bathroom: An Interview with John Volkmann of North Twin Builders, LLC

By John Volkmann

Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

North Twin Builders, LLC, is an ongoing family business that was established in 1971. We are well-known in the Northwoods of Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan for building quality custom homes, luxury homes, and economical homes. John Volkmann, Sr., started North Twin Builders as an independent building contractor. Over the past four decades, our business has largely expanded into a diverse staff of skilled and dedicated professionals.

Excellent Craftsmanship and Pride in our Work
North Twin Builders continually sets excellent standards for the craftsmanship of our homes. We have a National and State Certified Inspector on staff to insure that all of our projects, no matter the size, are built to the highest of standards. We take great pride in our work!

Our Commitment to Education in Home Building Technology
At North Twin Builders, we are always working to keep up-to-date with the advances in home building technology and to improve our service and quality. North Twin Builder's management and employees are encouraged to participate in continuing education classes and attend product trade shows. Our management and employees average a combined total of 300 continuing education hours each year.

North Twin Builders = High-Quality Work
Our love of high-quality custom home design work is reflected in the unique homes that we build. North Twin Builders has received client recognition for our unending commitment to our projects and our attention to detail. We also provide low-cost home remodeling services with the same quality and attention to detail.

What are some of the services your company provides?

North Twin Builders is a general contractor that builds custom homes in Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We know building a home is a crucial investment, and we take pride in each project, from the design through the construction. A general contractor with knowledge and expertise, we can make sure that your house or building project is built to the highest standards.

We can build you a custom home that you will love!

Why Choose North Twin Builders as Your Custom Building and Remodeling Contractor?

North Twin Builders has a National and State Certified Inspector on staff, as well as Design Consultant to assist you with your custom building and remodeling. We also have several computerized design and portable workstations, which provide our skilled craftsmen with on-site computerized plans.

Most importantly, North Twin Builders offers a wide variety of services to meet your needs. From the planning to building stages, to the final touches on your home, we can assist you with all of the aspects that go into building or remodeling your home. Check out all of our custom building and remodeling services below:
Custom Homes
Luxury Homes
Economical Homes
Timber Frame Homes
Energy-Efficient Homes
Design Layout
Site Planning
Commercial Buildings
Thermal Imaging

What are the pros and cons of the different floor materials?

Hardwood provides natural beauty in many forms, configurations, colors and species. However there is a little more maintenance than some of the other floor finishes. Also wood floors can be damaged by water and high moisture situations that can be common in a bathroom with children or depending on the lifestyle of the inhabitant of the home.

Tile is very durable if applied right and on a foundational surface while providing great water resistance in a bathroom or kitchen. However tile can be one of the more expensive choices and can have expensive maintenance issues if in a home that is seasonal or not applied properly.

Linoleum is one of the fastest for installation and can be one of the least expensive alternative for a flooring surface while providing great water resistance in a bathroom or kitchen. However compared to wood or tile, linoleum usually isn't considered a luxury floor surface.

What are the advantages of working with a professional when remodeling your bathroom?

If you pick the right contractor the extra money invested will produce quality results with long term benefits. Make sure they can show you multiple projects that they have done with multiple referrals for various projects.


In your opinion, what are some bathroom elements that are worth the splurge? What elements are not worth the splurge?

Medium to high end fixtures feel better, look better and last a long time. Cheaper fixtures will feel cheaper and will give you problems. So the more expensive fixtures are generally worth it. Take the time to look through reviews for all the suggested or determined fixtures to make sure others are not having problems with them. Sometimes more expensive isn't the best, but more often then not is better that a cheap fixture.

As a general rule hot tubes and steam showers are hard to get your money back when selling your home. So if you think you may sell your home don't invest in these for your bathroom remodel. Many people feel they are a maintenance issue and not a true value.

What are some ideas to increase the amount of storage in my bathroom?

For more storage in a bathroom use sunk in medicine cabinets and full vanities. If you vanity is a long one you can have a cabinet that sits on top of the vanity top with an offset sink. This will give you additional space too. Also determine if you can take from an adjoining room for a linen closet. Sometimes there is a bedroom or other room that has a closet or wasted space that can be turned into a linen closet facing the bathroom.

Pedestal sinks look really nice but not as functional. And a poor bathroom layout can rob you of quality storage and space. So really plan your bathroom out ahead of time.

What are the advantages/disadvantages of a tub shower rather than a stand-in shower?

Most homes that are sold have a higher perceived value if there is a tub in the home. Though many of us do not use tubs as adults anyone with children appreciate a tub shower unit. Stand in showers if big enough can also double as a handicap shower if outfitted properly. So a senior citizen may not want a tub unit.

What are some cool new products for bathrooms that could give my remodel an edge?

Solid surface countertops, tile floors, larger tile showers with quality glass doors, a well thought out bathroom layout, and quality fixtures and lighting.

Hire a well referred interior decorator to get all the colors a materials to work together in a attractive fashion. Poor coordination and taste will hurt you every time.

What is the best way for people to reach you and your company?


(715) 545-2510

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