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EveryDay Yoga Remains True To The Ancient Lineage Of The Discipline

By S. Mathur

Gladiola Ulqinaku, Owner of the EveryDay Yoga studio in Clawson MI has a refreshing approach to the practice of yoga, discarding cliches to arrive at its ancient meanings and contemporary relevance.

"I cannot say that Yoga has changed my Life; Life is Eternal and cannot be changed," she said. "What I can say is that Yoga has helped me to better understand Life, 'who flows in me, who flows in you', as poet Kabir says. To realize deep within that this Eternal River binds together all events and all beings as One Love, and to surrender unconditionally to this Love is my continuous daily practice."

The goal at EveryDay Yoga is to make the practice accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation or level of physical activity. According to Ulqinaku, yoga meets you where you're at. At the studio, all poses can be modified to suit individual needs. Students are invited to test their limits.

"The Great Yoga Teacher B.K.S. Iyengar says that our Life is not measured by the number of our days but by the number of our breaths," Ulqinaku said. "Therefore is important that we follow the proper rhythmic patterns of slow deep breathing. This type of breathing, which can be learned and practiced by anyone, strengthen and soothe our respiratory and nervous system, transforming the mind into a vehicle for concentration and ultimately liberation from the self-egoic patterns."

In an age where pop-culture yoga has taken some bizarre turns, like yoga with goats, yoga with dogs, weed yoga, naked yoga and beer yoga, the Studio remains faithful to the ancient lineages of the practice. These include the spiritual component and the ethical disciplines of kindness, truthfulness, moderation, simplicity, contentment, purity, self-acceptance, Ulqinaku says.

Yoga supports the natural tendency of the body towards health and well being. It has both physical and mental health benefits. Physical benefits can include improvement in chronic pain like lower back pain, arthritis, headaches etc. The regular practice of yoga can also help to reduce blood pressure, increase bone density, and improve flexibility, strength and respiration. The greatest mental health benefit of yoga is the way it allows a person to manage stress. It promotes mental clarity and calmness, relaxing and sharping the mind.

In keeping with the commitment to make yoga accessible to everyone, the studio has a Happy Hour yoga class for only $8, offered five days a week. All classes are open to all skill levels. The teachers make all students feel welcomed while pushing them to challenge their limits.

Ulqinaku is inspired by the quest of yogis to join higher consciousness and human will.

"Hindu seekers, rishis, created the technique to attain freedom from the burdens and attachments of the world while still living within it," she said. "For this Freedom to be attained two important components had to join together: first, the recognition of the human limitations of body and mind, and second, the discovery of a process to transcend these limitations in order to open consciousness into Higher Realms of Reality. This communion of our human will with the will of the Reality (Consciousness), is called Yoga."

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