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EnSoul Yoga Enhances Body And Mind

By S. Mathur

Yoga enhances the body in many ways.

"Yoga postures and breathing ENhance the body in many ways, as the physical benefits are ENdless!" Caren Paskel, owner and founder at Ensoul Yoga in Ferndale, Mich., said. "At EnSoul Yoga we have different styles of classes to ENsure suppleness, increased mobility, flexibility, endurance, tone, and strength. Yoga moves combined with controlled breathing creates a fit body but most importantly, overall health."

EnSoul Yoga brings the philosophy of yoga to all classes.

"Yoga philosophy, the higher teachings and values of life are weaved into all classes," Paskel said. "This is what changed my life, and why I opENed EnSoul! While most studios focus on the physical, we focus on community, self development, spiritual education, and internal change that will positively influence and impact others and the world."

Study groups and trainings focus on this higher knowledge, recognizing that control of the body is a means and not an end in itself. It is only the starting point.

"We manage our bodies so that we can manage our lives," Paskel said. "Personally, yoga has enabled me to change my body, manage my mind, develop my intellect to think clearly and make decisions based on reason rather than emotion and impulse, encourage healthy loving relationships with family, friends and now my significant other, and be happy in my own skin!"

Paskel opened the studio in October 2016 in the middle of downtown Ferndale. It's a fun and non intimidating place. It's not about being perfect or aspiring to perfection but joining a community of seekers. At EnSoul Yoga, the goal is not immediate gratification but long term transformation.

This is not to downplay the physical benefits of yoga. It helps you to look great and feel great, Paskel says, dissipating aches and pains and restoring efficient movement to your body. It also helps to deal with stress, both mental and physical.

A range of classes offer different pacing, music, temperature and postures. Beginners may choose The Sweetest Thing with gentle stretches and moves. It's also a great pre and post natal class. More challenging classes include Rock EnSoul, Soulful, Enfuse and the rowdy EnSoul Train.

The studio offers life and teacher training programs, with Paskel's characteristic emphasis on knowledge as well as physical practice. Life and teacher training are followed by complimentary testing. While this is recommended and not required, it helps to prepare students for all real life class situations.

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