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DJ Ray Creates Soundscapes That Everyone Will Enjoy

By S. Mathur

Music fills and shapes our lives. That's why it's so important to have the right kind of music for special occasions, since it sets the tone for the event. DJ Ray, whose real name is Bob Young, has a deep understanding of how music can enhance any event or function.

"Our lives are infused with music from radio and streaming services to television and movies to piped in music in stores, we are literally surrounded by it," he said. "Music stimulates the senses, provokes thought, stirs up cherished memories. So the right DJ can make all the difference between a smooth-flowing few hours with a great vibe or an awkward, frustrating time trying to shout over blaring songs that few in the room actually enjoy."

As a music historian, lyricist, and performer in the metro Detroit area, DJ Ray knows music well. He also understands that different events require different approaches.

"One DJ may be perfect for certain events, but not the right fit for others," he said. "Whether or not the DJ is expected to be the center of attention as a 'party motivator' complete with smoke machines and a light show, or simply provide a positive background vibe, the important thing is for the DJ to have the attitude of serving the needs of the engagement."

Whatever the event, DJ Ray guarantees that clients and their guests will love every single track he plays. That's because he puts together a playlist for each event through consultations with clients, with many more hours of music than will actually be needed. For example, for a four hour event, he will compile a 30-hour pool of music to draw upon. With this list, he uses his skills in reading the crowd to play the exact music that matches the mood of the event.

DJ Ray believes that besides having the right equipment, the DJ needs to engage all five senses.

"The great DJ 'listens' to the room and keeps the music loud enough to be felt, but not so loud it overwhelms and hinders communication," he said. "The great DJ 'sees' the room and knows how to respond at any given second to what is happening. The great DJ 'smells' what isn't working and has the good 'taste' to know what would work better instead. The great DJ 'feels' deep inside when it's time to slow it down, bring it up, or change course altogether."

The Bose sound equipment is understated and low key but packs a punch. DJ Ray's style is likewise low key and professional, which makes him a favorite with clients and their families and guests, as well as venues and other vendors.

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