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Designing Your Ideal Garden: An Interview with Bruce de Wit of Rosemont Nursery Inc.

By Bruce de Wit

Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

Rosemont is a design/build and maintain outdoor living spaces and gardens. We provide unique ideas for your home and outdoor living spaces. We pride ourselves in designing projects above our clients expectations. Our philosophy is, "Offer fresh ideas, install a project beyond clients expectations and they will do your advertising for you with pleasure".

In a quick overview, please explain the steps of designing and renovating your garden from start to finish.

First thing is you have to identify the clients needs. If you listen carefully you can provide a design that fills the clients needs not just what they ask for. Designs divided into segments allows a client to install a project one step at a time. Installing each section that fills the clients expectations assure further work from them and/or their acquaintances.

What are a few ways one can plan for this process?

Look at as many projects similar to your desires. Get a sense of your needs. Interview landscape designers. Soon you should be able to figure out which are artistic and which are just installers. Allow an artistic designer to develop a plan to fill your needs. Review the drawing and discuss alterations to assure clients desires fulfilled.

What regular maintenance is required for someone who wishes to upkeep their garden's appeal?

Number one thing you need if you wish to maintain your own garden, a love of the outdoors, gardening and work. In reality a garden is not that much work if you love walking and viewing your garden and willing to grab a weed or identify a growing problem and correct it. Never have a garden installed bigger than you are willing to maintain or have maintained. No garden or landscaping is better than one poorly maintained.

What suggestions do you have for someone whose soil is not ideal for gardening?

There are many ways to address all the challenges any site may offer including poor soils. Soils can be added or amended to provide a good medium for plant growth.

In your personal opinion, what is your favorite garden feature, and why?

Hardscapes are my favorite. While walks direct you and your senses around and thru the garden, a patio provides a place in the garden for complete emersion, relaxation and entertainment. My feeling, is try to limit the quantity of plant material, using only the needed number to give the effect while limiting the future maintenance.

What is the best way for people to reach you and or your company?

Phone 616 554-6145 works best for direct responds. Our website is a wealth of information about us and our company www.rosemontnursery.com. The "See This Job" button gives you access to our online photo gallery of thousands of pictures of projects we installed. Select the contact us button to contact us thru E-mail.

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