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Common Plumbing Issues and How To Avoid Them: An Interview with Autumn Plumbing and Remodeling LLC

By Kristen Bosse

Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

We are not only a plumbing company but a residential builder as well. Which separates us from most companies. We are able to complete all aspects of a project whether its drain and water line replacement, bathroom remodels, adding a bathroom, additions and even custom homes. I personal have more than 19 years in the trades and the company was established in 2003.

What are some of the services your company provides?

Re-piping (drainage & water lines), remodels (bathroom & kitchen), adding bathrooms (basement, main level, attic or all most anywhere else), basement finishing, additions and custom homes. We are able to complete any project from the initial meeting to the final trim nail and everything in-between.

What are some new heating trends that can help me save on energy costs?

Heat pumps are gaining popularity for many reasons. Some being low cost to operate. Being able to supplement heat for the water heater and in floor heat.

What household appliances should I maintenance on a routine basis?

I would consider your water heater and furnace/ boiler as the main items. Without either or both most people can't function as the normally due. Especially in Michigan with you climate being as cold as it can be and also as warm in the summers for air conditioning.

Please list at least 8-10 common issues your company faces everyday related to household plumbings and explain the ways they can either avoid them, or fix them:

Issue #1: Routine inspections of water lines or leaking pipes.
Solution: Call at first sign of problems.

Issue #2: Leaking faucets (lavatory, kitchen and bath/ shower)
Solution: Replace cartridge in old worn faucets.

Issue #3: Leaking toilet (fill valve, flush valve or wax ring)
Solution: Use dye taps to determine where the leak is.

Issue #4: Leaking stops (valves that shut off fixtures)
Solution: Don't turn them on and off continually.

Issue #5: Leaking Valves (water heater, main water supply)
Solution: Don't turn them on and off continually.

Issue #6: Frozen Hose Bibs.
Solution: Remove hose during winter and shut off valve and drain remaining water.

Issue #7: Seized garbage disposals.
Solution: Don't thrown out stringy vegetables via the drain, ie. celery, corn husk, cabbage. Use ice to help sharpen dull blades and remove buildup.

Issue #8: Expensive doesn't always mean quality. That goes for fixtures and hiring the right contractor.
Solution: Do your research!

What is the best way to reach you or your company?

You can call (517) 580-5408, email AutumnRemodels@yahoo.com or visit our website www.AutumnRemodels.com.

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