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Citizen Yoga: Alignment Focused, Guiding Students Through Life 

By Kelly Church

For Kacee Must, opening a place that Warren, MI residents could consider their third home (with their family home and workplace being first and second) was her dream. Enter Citizen Yoga. She opened the yoga studio in 2013, originally in Royal Oak, and a second location in 2015 in the Detroit area. The inspiration was honest and simple, born from the belief that every person needs a safe space to effectively deal with the stresses of life. It starts with yoga and Must hopes it gets carried through each person's life after that. 

"We are an alignment focused studio, which means that there is a deep, integrated reason of why you are doing a pose and when," Must says. "There is intention and purpose. We have found that discipline is truly freedom. With Citizen's focus on alignment and form, you can practice with the assurance that your teacher's priority is to avoid injury and enable progress. That security is a novel and fleeting thing in the yoga industry, yet it is something practitioners have grown to expect and appreciate at Citizen. We want your yoga practice to be a lifetime practice. Stay on your mat." 

By being alignment focused, Citizen Yoga puts great stress on properly positioning the body in yoga poses. Each pose requires a certain level of discipline, safely getting into each pose the same way an athlete would perform a move in the weight room. Focusing on alignment sets each student up for successful yoga practice, building the foundation for more advanced poses and a healthy body. It is common yoga belief that physical alignment also requires mental alignment. Focus and determination help improve all other aspects of yoga. 

Classes at Citizen Yoga cover most types of yoga, from slow Vinyasa flows, to sunrise flows, classes utilizing more stationary poses and those with a more fast-paced flow. Citizen Yoga also has a yoga and wine class. Clients experience a full hour of Vinyasa yoga and a glass of red or white wine at the end. For new students, the first class is free, and after that they can receive a $25 special for five classes. After that, for unlimited yoga, a Founders Membership is $115 a month, which includes access to all Citizen studio locations.

"Citizen's interactive culture and home-like experience removes the intimidation factor from the practice and culture of yoga," Must says. "We are elitist in our product and service, but never pretentious. After class, your feeling is that you belong, that there is a possibility to change and that Citizen Yoga is a pillar supporting a journey towards greater happiness and well being." 

Part of that journey is community service. Citizen Yoga is working towards building a nonprofit organization called Trust Your Struggle. The foundation will work towards developing a curriculum for young adults, aged 18-28, to manage every day stresses and pressures that people face. These services will be provided in high schools, colleges and through social service agencies around the country. 

"The ultimate vision for Citizen is to create an enormous community, drawn together through yoga and common values, and to connect this community to larger movements and causes beyond the mat," Must says.

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