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Bent Yoga Shares The Benefits Of Hot Vinsaya Yoga With The People Of Michigan

By Paul Rowe

In Hot Vinsaya yoga classes at Brighton, Michigan's Bent Yoga, yoga postures are linked together in a one-breath, one-movement fashion, uniting cardio exercises with soothing heat. Many people are not fully aware of the benefits of practicing hot yoga over regular yoga. Hot yoga has many rich benefits including the quick relaxation of the muscles, an increase of blood flow to the core muscles, and healthy the promotion of healthy sweat that relieves the body of harmful toxins.

Heat acclimation takes place when the body changes due to frequent heat exposure. During heat acclimation, the body runs more efficiently. Local universities and major health institutes alike have found that once bodies acclimate to heat, athletic performance is allowed to truly flourish. Adding heat to one's yoga experience dramatically increases one's likelihood of finding peace and quiet in a chaotic environment. Learning to breathe through the intensity of the hot yoga atmosphere trains people to breathe through any challenge that life may hurl their way.

"Yoga focuses on retraining your brain for action instead of reaction. We train the brain to override these instincts and only allow them in when they are truly helping us," Bent Yoga owner Jennifer Domagalski said. "We put you in uncomfortable positions and then talk you through relaxing and breathing, instead of instinctually tightening and running away. What students usually find is that once they stop resisting, actually succumbing to the posture and starting to relax around it, the situation isn't nearly as bad as their mind was making it out to be."

Through this process, the brain becomes rewired to stop instinctive responses to tough situations, enabling people to think their way through the most strenuous, daunting difficulties of everyday life.

"How do you stay uncomfortable with sweat dripping down your face? You retrain your brain to not react to it," Domagalski said. "At Bent Yoga, we intentionally push your buttons with heat, music, and intense postures so you can practice quieting down your reactions and breathing deep in a chaotic environment: This then becomes easier to do when faced with an intense situation out in the real world."

In this sense, yoga provides folks in Brighton, Michigan with a means of practice for real life scenarios. The deep breathing that is such an integral aspect of hot yoga oxygenates the blood throughout the body's organs and muscles, opening the body's airways while effectively relieving cramping muscles from sitting hunched over a desk all day. This is all accomplished through cutting edge Far Infrared Radiant (FIR) Heating Panels.

"FIR is a type of heating that is used in many therapies: from Infrared saunas, to light bulbs, to therapeutic mats," Domagalski said. "FIR has numerous documented and proven benefits, including but not limited to faster muscle recovery time, general pain relief of chronic ailments such as arthritis, back pain, and carpal tunnel, detoxification, weight loss, increased immune system, skin rejuvenation, and much, much more."

With hot yoga, heat increases stress response through a challenging mental and physical workout. Yet, why start with hot yoga, when one can practice at a beginner's yoga studio with pillows and blankets? The "easiest" yoga studio isn't necessarily the one where beginners should start learning yoga.

"Hot yoga provides a way to get you to stop reacting and start making conscious choices, but to do that you have to be in the present moment, not daydreaming or thinking about what happened last night," Domagalski said. "Our style of yoga at Bent Yoga is very physically demanding, but that isn't so you become buff. It is because when your leg is shaking, it is very difficult to be thinking about what's for dinner."

Quieting down the mind is easier said than done. Sometimes, the only way to achieve mental quietude is to force the mind into the present moment by being so uncomfortable that you can't think of anything else.

Beginners at Bent Yoga walk out of the studio amazed, feeling refreshed after one of the toughest workouts of their lives. For the first time that week, they weren't thinking about their work presentations or their performance reviews. For the first time, they learned what it feels like to live in the heat of the moment.

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