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Baker Inspections Helps Prospective Homeowners Make Informed Buying Decisions

By Pamela Sosnowski

For most people, purchasing a home is usually the biggest buying decision they will ever make in their lives, which is why having an inspection done on the residence is so important. For over 20 years, Baker Inspections of Dexter has been performing home inspections throughout southeastern Michigan. The company also inspects wells and septic systems, searches for the presence of termites and radon, and performs water testing.

"I have been inspecting homes since 1994 and have traveled throughout southeast Michigan," the company's owner and founder, Ken Baker, said. "This is my full time job, not a hobby as it is for some."

Baker is available to inspect homes seven days a week, with the average inspection lasting two to three hours. The process encompasses examining all visible components of a property including the roof and attic, basement, walls, plumbing and electrical systems, and the building's structure and foundation. Baker and his team of certified inspectors point out areas of concern to prospective and current homeowners, as well as offer advice on maintaining areas of a home.

Ken Baker

"I like to determine ages of the components of the house and give the new home owner guidelines on (the) approximate lifespan of these parts," Baker said. "Showing them how things work and what typically goes wrong is also something I do for them. When large, expensive repairs are found, it gives the future homeowner the knowledge to decide whether it needs to be negotiated or whether they will walk away from the house."

The company also offers full-time radon testing services, which is important since radon is deadly and also impossible to detect without a testing device. The odorless, tasteless, and unseen gas originates from the ground and is the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking, and responsible for over 21,000 deaths annually in the U.S. To test a home for radon, Baker Inspections places a small device in a home for 48 hours to accurately determine its radon levels.

"My company performs over 400 radon tests per year, (and) 40% of the homes I test have elevated levels of radon gas," Baker said. "Testing the house for radon with a high quality, properly calibrated radon monitor is the best way to determine the radon levels in the home."

For water tests, a sample is taken directly from a faucet and sent to a lab; results are usually available within a few days. Baker Inspections' water tests can help determine the presence of bacteria, sodium, coliform, and other contaminants in a residence's water.

Water and radon testing and termite detection may be added onto home inspections or purchased separately. Prices for home inspections are determined by the building's square footage. All clients receive a copy of the company's findings along with photos and advice on any repairs that need to be made, helping them make informed decisions about purchasing a prospective home.

To learn more about the company's services or to conveniently schedule an inspection online, visit http://www.bakerinspectionsmi.com.

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