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An Unconventional, Yet Effective Form of Fitness Found at PoleFIT Revolution

By Marina Jokic

PoleFIT Revolution in Madison Heights, Michigan integrates traditional exercise methods with pole fitness to create a unique workout that targets all areas of the body while being completely accessible to people with diverse levels of experience. Also offering Barre, belly dancing, and boxing, among other programs, PoleFIT wants to offer the most comprehensive set of programs for its clients.

Melanie Pagel, owner and trainer at PoleFIT as well as a veteran in the industry, has been running her business for almost eight years. After being in the fitness industry many years as a trainer, Pagel felt that her interest in the conventional workouts she was practicing every day was waning.

During her quest for a more interesting and exciting workout, Pagel was looking for something entirely different and out-of-the-box, she says. "I opened my studio to share my interpretation of pole fitness and now almost eight years later, we have grown the program into so much more including many styles of Pole classes, a large Aerial program and more," Pagel says.

Working out isn't only about getting in shape, Pagel adds. Even more so, exercising is about building self-confidence and learning to accept yourself. When working out with the pole, you are lifting your body repeatedly, which builds strength and stamina. In fact, you challenge yourself to the fullest because you can't let go until you are safely on the ground.

Trainers at PoleFIT are there to help you gradually increase your endurance so that you do not risk injuring yourself. Pole and Aerial workouts also provides a powerful creative outlet for people, Pagel notes. "You can express yourself creatively in so many ways whether it is sexy or sporty, funk, lyrical or rock and roll...there is no limit to your creative talents," she adds.

The courses at PoleFIT are divided into FIT and FLY programs. The FIT classes are multi-level workouts suitable for all ages and levels with conditioning moves and choreography as well as various dance routines; many of them use the pole as their primary fitness equipment. In addition to pole and aerial classes, the studio offers instruction in Barre, belly dance, Acro, trampoline and boxing. Every Pole Fitness class begins with the PoleFIT Essentials -- a class that teaches the basic choreography and fundamental skills to prepare you for the more advanced classes.

Among teaching other skills, the FLY program introduces you to AerialYoga, a multi-level, beginner's course that gives you a foundation in the aerial arts. "We have a variety of yoga sequences and strength building aerial drills and tricks that provide endless options for any level," Pagel notes.

As part of its portfolio, the studio also has a variety of PoleTRICKS classes that take you off the ground including climbing and inverting on the pole. Pagel says that these classes are designed to be a level above the Essentials course and a natural progression from it. The AerialCIRQUE classes?also part of the FLY program?focus on gymnastic conditioning but also teach how to manipulate various aerial equipment such silk, hammock, and lyra.

One of the main reasons Pagel opened her studio is to raise women's self-esteem. She says: "Unfortunately I have found that many women do not think of themselves as sexy, but it's usually because they don't feel in control of their bodies, and this form of fitness will help you discover your strengths and sensual side if you will allow."

PoleFIT Revolution is a supportive community of students and teachers, a non-competitive environment that is before all else welcoming to newcomers. There are two locations in Madison Heights and Utica, Michigan. Pagel recommends taking ten classes to really get a feel for the program and see tangible results.

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