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An Overview of Waterprooofing Basements: An Interview with Chaz Carrillo of StayDry Waterproofing

By Chaz Carrillo

Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

StayDry started in 2006 with the mission to be 'The Heroes of Basement Waterproofing'. Now StayDry offers service throughout Michigan, and in Northern Indiana, and Northern Ohio. We are foundation experts that help correct homes with issues ranging from: foundation repairs, waterproofing, crack injection, to full service crawl space solutions.

What are signs a basement may need waterproofing?

Well the most obvious sign is water in your basement. We urge all the people who call us to first check three things before having someone come out to price waterproofing. Those three things are: landscaping, grade gutter condition, and downspouts. If these things are working properly and you still have a water problem, you need a professional waterproofing company to help.

If you could, please list the general steps of waterproofing basements.

There are two ways to waterproof a basement, inside or outside. An outside system involves excavation, sealing the wall, drain tile and re-grading the outside. An inside system involves breaking out the basement concrete floor, placing drain tile, directing water outside the home, and then replacing the concrete that was removed from the floor. Each home is unique, and requires an expert eye to identify not just the issues, but the required solutions.

Does this process change depending on if the basement is finished or not? If yes, how so?

For most companies this could drastically change price and method. For StayDry, it just requires more attention to detail and extra prep work. We use the same method of waterproofing. It may require some dry wall removal, but the floor thickness will determine that. We do our best but in some cases we might have to cut the drywall up from the bottom of the floor to install the system properly.

How do you suggest clients prepare for this process?

With StayDry you don't need to work hard at this. We ask that you just move personal items from the work areas by at least four feet. You may need to install a outlet for a sump pump if it is needed. Customer responsibilities are outlined on our work orders so there's no confusion.

What are some common issues you face when it comes to waterproofing basements?

The first issues we face is properly educating the homeowner and identifying the right solution for them. At StayDry we are committed to the truth. Even if that means we drive to Alpena and the home owner needs gutters not a waterproofing system. We are properly licensed, bonded, and insured. StayDry also uses an engineered system that has been vetted to the highest standards. Michigan weather also causes issues with poured concrete walls and creates cracks. StayDry injects those cracks using a high pressure polyurethane method which is utilizing the newest technology for this type of repair. Because we use this method it allows us to give an unparalleled lifetime warranty for water coming through the injection site.

What's the best way for people to get in contact with you?

Call 1-800-StayDry and/or visit our website at: www.staydrywaterproofing.com and request a meeting with one of our foundation experts. We will even troubleshoot the issue over the phone to help you identify the problem as best we can without seeing it. Our office staff and consultants take pride in helping people every day with their questions and concerns.

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