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2014 Interior Design Trends: An Interview with Shannon Kaye, featuring her Plein Heir Collection

By Shannon Kaye

Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

I started my business as a Decorative Painter and Color Consultant. Painting art on the walls of beautiful homes was an honor and pleasure for me that often led to interior design projects, vintage shopping, and all kinds of custom creations. When the DIY Channel asked me to host their makeover show, Fresh Coat, for several seasons I had a new opportunity with homeowners to teach them basic painting and color techniques, and empower them creatively. I have always encouraged people, regardless of design trends and hot colors, to put their personal stamp on their space. I think that looking at your home as a personal statement of your values and aspirations, also naturally leads us all to making good choices for our planet. Sustainable healthy materials and repurposing have also always been an obvious part of my practice.

After several years of TV and corporate projects, I began painting for myself again because I missed the tactile, interactive quality of applying color to surface. One day, when I was asked to decorate a pillow for a charity event, I discovered that I could have my personal paintings printed on natural Belgian linen and my Plein Collection was born.

The Plein Heir collection is a unique and evolving mix of Belgian linen home accessories that incorporate Shannon's artwork and original fortune writings. The collection also includes vintage painters boxes and furnishings painted and repurposed for today's lifestyle.

What are some of the services your company provides?

The Plein Heir collection offers home goods such as throw pillows and napkins, upholstered furnishings and vintage dressers all designed and/or painted with Shannon's unique vision and optimistic color palette.

Plein Heir pieces can be purchased online and custom orders are always welcome.

What are some elements I can include in my bathroom to make it appear modern?

For bathrooms, I like hooks over towel bars, plain linen towels over embellished cotton terrycloth, and big area rugs over tiny bath mats.

What are some fun, rich fabrics I can include in my living room setting?

My favorite fabric is linen because it can be casually wrinkled or crisply pleated. My own collection is created in Belgian linen for its durability and the painterly quality it takes when my paintings are printed on this gorgeous weave. I use linen for pillows and napkins, upholstery, and even wrap furniture with it.

Would you say that lighter colored wood or darker colored is the newer trend?

Today's trends are about personal touches and eclectic mixes. Wood tones, metallic finishes, and fabrics are all mixed together now. If anything, limiting yourself to one wood tone is the only 'not so' fashionable look right now. If you have blonde floors, look for a variety of woods for furniture. Dark floors ground a room in luxury when paired with bleached and raw wood finishes.

Silly question, but many interior designers say that pineapples are a new growing trend as a fun kitchen accessory. Do you agree with this? If yes, what are some ways I can integrate this into my kitchen design?

Pineapples and artichokes are a classic motif in damask, batik, and silk fabric designs, not to mention wallpaper and exterior architectural details. Bright stylized versions of these spikey foods are playful and energetic while classically rendered versions are reassuring and traditional.

What are some fun, timeless design options for my bedroom?

My favorite element in the bedroom is the ceiling because we spend a lot of time looking up in this room. Adding a gorgeous paint color or creating a playful design adds a personal touch and creates a wonderful backdrop for the shadows cast by chandeliers and sunlight. I also like a wall of curtains behind the bed. The look is luxurious and feels so cozy when you get in bed at night.

What is the best way to reach you or your company?

You can reach me easily online at www.shannonkaye.com by email at info@shannonkaye.com.

Also: I'm currently hosting and co-producing 'how-to' videos for Kelly-Moore Paints in San Francisco and have recently become a host on Portico.tv for Southern Living Magazine. Look for my home to be featured in an upcoming issue of Anthology magazine. Join my email list to stay in touch or check my website frequently for upcoming news and events. I look forward helping you create a colorful rooms.

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